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The World’s Fastest Fat Processing System


90-second fat processing

Twice as many cells

No enzymes


Treat 5x more patients

Our device processes adipose tissue 30x faster than enzymes.  It’s fully automated so it cuts out all the complicated steps that get in the way of seeing more patients.  When you don’t have to spend your time processing fat, you can see more patients, and help more patients.

300% higher bottom line

When you can see more patients, you can generate more revenue.  Our device typically gets twice as many cells compared to methods that use enzymes.  You’ll be able to see more patients, and offer them more value at lower rates to jump start your bottom line.

Better cells for your patients

Enzymes require FDA approval and can harm the patient and their cells.  Our device uses no chemicals or enzymes.  Only sterile components ever touch the tissue.  Even the air that goes into the device is filtered and sterile.  That means you get better quality cells for your patients.